“If real is what you can feel, smell, taste and see, then ‘real’ is simply electrical signals interpreted by your brain.” The Matrix

I love to play games and program games as far as I can remember myself.

I have never understood what attracts me to do so,
Is it that with games you can create a reality that cannot exist in our reality?
Is it that with games I can play “god” and make everything I can think of?
Is it that with games I can let my imagination deep into the rabbit hole?

All of the above seems true to me.

Lately, it hit me, I make games to play a minor god rule.

I can prove that.

Earth was created limited to a physical environment like gravity, speed, temperature and so on.

In a game, I can adjust the physical environment to any way our senses can understand.
I can warp a spaceship into a speed of light, I can fly like a bird and make my magical liquid reach temperature of 10 gazillion celsius for it to turn into a magical orb, why?

Game Rules
Because I set the rules when I program a game, and you are restricted to them. For you, the rules, are going to be the only reality you know. You cannot break them, just hack them, but it ain’t going to easy. My firewall is damn hardened.

There is a saying: “Rules are meant to be broken”,
I say “Rules can be broken when you understand their consequences when breaking them”.

Game rules cannot be broken as you are limited to the game developer code rules.
Game rules are written in code and they are strict and solid, and you can try to beat the game with these rules and only these rules.

Game Code
If you are a game developer would you share your full glorious game code and art with the world?

I believe the answer is no. if you do, your game will seize to exist as it is!
As everybody will do versions that can change the rules. All the game secrets are revealed, from the beginning to the end.

God as a developer does the same, he doesn’t share the code and doesn’t give access to its source. Just like yourself, a game developer.

Did you ever pray to your the godly game developer?
One of the questions that interest me the most, do the godly game developer can intervene while the game is playing.

Can it put a breakpoint in code while running and change the result.

In some programming language this can be done on the fly, maybe our godly game developer uses C+++++++++++++++

Sometimes when making programming a game I can encounter some frustrating errors or bugs, after trying to fix them and start compiling the game, I found myself praying that the compiler will successfully complete.

I did not pray to God, I prayed that my strict and solid code will work as I expect it to work.
It’s either true (work) or false (not work).

Can God intervene in how I write my code and fix the errors? Loop back to Praying title until understood.

Game Objectives
Why do we even bother to play games or even make them?
The answer is simple.
With games, we can achieve goals that in our earthly reality we cannot.
Finding the holy magical sword of tantr, first, we need to pass the black witches caves and afterward the hills of Alibaba to fight Mordor the clay creature which will grant us the holy reward.

Games themselves create our new reality with new rules.
When we create games we also set game objectives, without an objective to reach there is no game, there is nothing.

The godly game developer also made objective in our lives. To survive.
To survive means to eat/sleep and earn money to eat and sleep.
But the godly game developer gave us even more, he gives us an option to resume death with a character that has some copy of ourselves, To bring children to continue the game with different characters.
Yes, rules also allow us to update our avatars outfit or hairstyle.
Obviously, we can communicate with each other by language which we acquire as we evolve. That’s a blazing fast multiplayer network.
We do get only 1 life per person in the game, but ladies and gentlemen, Have you ever a played a game with unlimited lives and enjoyed it? And I am not talking resuming a game after you are dead, here we do not have that privilege.

The more I write about it the more I realize how a small piece of code I am, in this grandmaster masterpiece. I am just an object or just a threading loop of “while (IsBreathing)”. And the story of my life may just be written inside that loop or at least it’s base structure. And maybe the loop is warped with interfaces for me to be able to interact with other threads.

There are so many questions and so few answers to the mysteries of life…

The bottom line is, like yourself, a game developer, would you share your game code secrets to everybody?

The godly game developer is no exception.

I hope this gives us a clue for the reasons why there are things that are meant to stay hidden and there is nothing we can do about it, we just play the game as good as we can to reach our next ambition or goal in the game of life.

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